Monday, 21 January 2013


I've really got into the more techno-side of hardcore the last few months, and I'm gonna be posting them up. So lets start with this track by Supermatic.

 Now THIS...... this is what you call a tune.

Atmospheric, dark and brutal. This will rip apart the dance floor wide open and spew pink hellfire out the fissure. For some reason whenever I hear those massive rave stabs I think of alien gods and evil techno knights bashing the fuck out of each other.
Something tells me I've been playing too many computer games.

That 'Open You Miiiind' is sampled from Total Recall which is a film starring Arnold Schwarzengger. Tru Fax.

'Go Bang!' was a really good label, responsible for a hell of a lot of decent tunes. I'll be posting more about them later.

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